FIBERFLON fabrics, tapes, and belting play a pivotal role in the packaging industry. Whether it is Heat Sealing, Heat Shrinking, and Side Sealing, our products are essential in end-phase production cycles where the temperature resilience, dimensional stability, and easy to clean smooth surface of our products help get the job done. We offer a wide variety of textured or smooth, porous or non-porous, and tear-resistant products to meet the challenging demands of your company’s production.

Heat Sealing

After the solidified poly is extruded into a film and then rolled, it goes to a hot pressurized welder that forms, cuts, seals, and separates the film into a plastic bag. PTFE fabrics, tapes, 2-ply belts act as release materials that tolerate the heat along the welding beam of the sealer where the poly films are joined together. The non-stick PTFE surface provides an excellent easy-release separating film for the sticky polymer foil.

Heat Shrink Packaging

Heat shrinking is accomplished typically with the use of an L-Bar Sealer and shrink tunnel/oven. A package is first encased in plastic film that is then heat sealed with a PTFE covered L-shaped heating arm. The wrapped product is next conveyed via our Open-Mesh PTFE Belting to assist with the flow of air and heat through a hot-air tunnel. The heat shrink wraps the merchandise for a skin-tight custom finish. FIBERFLON Silicone coated fiberglass fabric curtains are usually installed at tunnel entrances and exits to contain the oven heat and minimize sticky poly adhesion.

Extrusion Coating & Lamination

During the extrusion coating and lamination process for products such as milk cartons, snack food packaging, and photo paper, FIBERFLON R62-AD material, a specially oriented PTFE film orange tape, is used for release purposes on the nip roller of the polyethylene laminator. These tapes can be used either for roll wrapping or as endless belts by bonding the adhesive sides of the R62-AD tape.

Products of ChoiceR62-AD

Side Sealing

Used to wrap napkins, paper towels, tissue, and toilet paper in plastic, paper products are grouped together, covered in a thin plastic, and then
conveyed to be sealed. Left and right hand, or bi-directional, PTFE Coated Fiberglass Belts that run on each side of the product keep the multiple units secure together while the heating element seals the  plastic snugly around the package.

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