Manufacturers who endeavor to accentuate the ground where we labor and leisure need to be able to count on industry support that can keep up with the quality and volume a company’s reputation stands on. This is why Fiberflon delivers high quality PTFE coated fabrics, tapes, and belting solutions that provide an excellent surface for the production of rubber mats, PVC & PU backed flooring, walk off mats, vinyl tile, and carpet yarn heat setting. Excellent for those who are looking to minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and boost product quality FIBERFLON PTFE Coated Fabrics, Tapes, and Belting Solutions do just that.

Crumb Rubber Mats

Crumb rubber mats are made by conveying the measured mixture of recycled crumb rubber, TPU, and additives onto a heated press where they are molded to style and bonded together. Our PTFE Belting provides a non- stick, dimensionally stable surface.

Products of Choice03802 D, 03802, 03802 AS, 05307, 03784 A, 345, 04055, 04055 AS

PVC & PU Backed Flooring

Padded and Cushion Backed flooring endure a strenuous bonding process as the PVC and PU formula backing are measured out and bonded to the tufted carpet on our industrial strength, dimensionally stable, conveyor belting. They are then cured and removed without residual delays due to our quick easy release PTFE surface.

Walk Off Mats

Mats begin as uncured nitrile laid out on our PTFE Belting. A PTFE covered hydraulic bladder press bonds the tufted top to the vulcanizing rubber beneath it in a unique shape. A perforated belting option enables original patterns to be tattooed to the underside with no slip polymers.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT is made quickly under high temperature and extreme pressure in double-belt press laminators. Fiberflon is able to manufacture multi-ply belts that are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of this process. Fluoropolymer films can also be laminated to further increase the release properties and lifespan of the belting material.

Products of Choice828B-ASX2PLY-1P, 141BX2PLY-1P, 828AS44, 440141S-1P

Carpet Yarn Heat Setting

Carpet yarn heat setting is the process that prepares yarns for weaving or tufting by conveying them to set their final shape, color, and stain resistant properties. Our chemical and moisture resistant Open Mesh Belts provide evenly controlled air flow, superior quick release, and prevent slow-downs from residue clean up.

Products of Choice9006, 9007, 9004

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Your Success is Our Success

We recognize that every customer’s needs are unique as it is with each manufacturing process. The most essential key to our success is collaborative partnership with our customers. We believe working with our customers on a close basis help us understand the specific needs of their manufacturing processes and implement accurate products to maximize productivity and minimize down-time.